2021 summer wallpaper trends

2021 summer wallpaper trends

Trees have sprouted and it won’t take long for nature to be in full bloom, as the lovely days of summer come around. What motifs, patterns and colors does this summer have in store for us? In this article, we review three different and possibly popular trends for the brightest season.

It’s been a year since we started learning to live with the pandemic. We have adapted and changed our lifestyle and habits, which is also reflected in fashion and interior design trends. We spend more time at home and strive to create inspiring environments where we feel safe and comfortable. Summer is upon us and with more light, energy also rises. Many plan to renovate and welcome the new season with new furnishings and wallpapers. At wall Empire, we have interpreted the latest trends and expressed them with motifs and hues we think will be popular this summer.

Trend 1 – Grounding nature

The past year has been an eye opener for the origin of life – nature. As access to restaurants and travel has been fairly limited, people have gone on long walks and outings in the forest. With that, one begins to understand the healing and relaxing forces of nature like never before. Therefore, people have welcomed nature with open arms into their homes, which we’ve noted through the increased interest in both potted plants and crafts.

As for hues, people decorate their homes with earthy colors such as forest green, brown and beige. These tones are especially suitable for your bedroom, where you should create as harmonious an environment as possible. The latest trend is to combine these earthy tones with “yummy” colors such as beetroot and kale shades. These details certainly confer your living room or kitchen an invigorating feel.

Trend 2 – Blissful breeze

The longing for a white sandy beach and sparkling sea sits atop most people’s wish list right now. If you cannot travel to your dream destination – why not create it in your home instead? You can easily design your own little environment out on your terrace or in your living room. The key word for this trend is: sun kiss. It includes a sandy color scheme, imagine beige, light pink and details in a baby blue color.

During the summer, we’d rather spend as much time outdoors as possible and, thus, we shall see people create their own home offices outdoors. Decorate your porch with sun-kissed colors, adorn with dried flowers, creamy wallpaper and ceramic details. With this, you will not want to leave your own home this summer.

Trend 3 – Color splash

Summer is the brightest season of the year and that also shows clearly indoors. This year, the vivid colours of the nostalgic 80s make a comeback. This means a more intense colour scale than the usual light pastels. Imagine playful colours such as pea green and light pink. The more colour the better! Eye-popping shades such as pink, purple, olive green and yellow are also colours you will see on wallpaper this summer. This brightens up your home office or living room, and symbolises joy and acceptance, just what we long for during the summer.

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